At Hungry Bunny™, we make sure that we guide our new franchisee with more than 25 years of experience in the fast food business. We are a growing company who welcomes business-minded people who are eager to enter the fast food industry. We welcome opportunities to expand in other places around the globe.
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The Concept

Franchising is the most popular system for growing a business today. With new markets emerging, franchise opportunities are surfacing and gaining momentum. This is reflected on the interest of the franchisee to acquire a Saudi Franchise and start up his own branch operations.

At Hungry Bunny™ we believe that "Franchising" is bound to become the right channel in expanding the business. As for the potential businessman, searching for the right franchise is hard work because there are so many issues to consider, choices to make, and questions to ask.

The Arab world is fast becoming more receptive to "Franchising" when it comes to fast food and the restaurant industry. Therefore, to be successful in franchising it is vital to understand the advantages of "Franchising" in general.

There are many factors involved in determining the appropriate terms and conditions that Hungry Bunny™ would grant you to start up your own restaurant.

These factors include:

The franchisee s company profile and line of business to determine whether Hungry Bunny™ would be a good addition to your own portfolio.

The social and economic status in the country where the franchise will be established. Emphasis is given on the size and growth of the middle class market.

The size and characteristics of the potential market place based on an analysis of the population such as age, gender, professions, etc.

The market demand for the Hungry Bunny™ Menu.

The result of the comprehensive feasibility study, conducted by both franchisor and franchisee which would determine the financial payback of the investment to be made. The study would require a visit by the franchisor to inspect proposed locations for the Hungry Bunny™ branches.

The above information can pave the way to the final Franchise Agreement.

Are you qualified for Franchising?

Obviously, it is preferable that you have previous experience in F&B, However, it is not a must because of our comprehensive training program based on our Hungry Bunny™ operator-friendly concept and our extensive management development training program provides the ongoing guidance for the franchise personnel.

In turn, we prepare you to manage and operate a Hungry Bunny™ branch and provide you with the best support at all times including recognized customer service techniques and simplified staff training and management.

The advantages offered to you include the well known trade name of Hungry Bunny™, continuous research and development of new items, national Pan Arab market analysis, economies of scale in buying, professional training and many more.

At Hungry Bunny™, we have built our International-Pan Arab Franchise policy based on defining the roles and responsibilities of both Franchisee and Franchisor described in detail in the Franchise Offer Circular or Franchise Agreement.

Our role as Franchisor is to provide the product or service, the Management System, the Operating Manuals, the Training Manuals, assist in the pre and post opening of the outlet, a follow-up system on a monthly basis to check that your branch is doing well and standards are well implemented and respected.

Your role is to maintain full management responsibility, including logistics, being assisted by our Hungry Bunny™ International team members so as to run efficiently your franchise store.


At Hungry Bunny™, we believe that all costs are an important and vital component of any Franchise package. Thus, the cost involved in acquiring a Hungry Bunny™ Franchise is based on the territory of the Master Franchise and the number of outlets being granted, plus the cost of the interiors, equipment and fixtures of the outlet.

Currently, the one-time franchise fee for granting a Hungry Bunny™ Master Franchise is as follows:

Hungry Bunny™ Franchise Option (subject to negotiations)

One-time Master Franchise Fee of (to be negotiated) and a payment schedule is available and to be discussed

A Royalty fee of 5 to 7.5 % of the total Gross Sales (to be negotiated)

An Advertising contribution fee of 2- 3 % of the Gross Sales per year to be spent in your local area, or as part of the co-operative advertising regional campaign

Master or Single Franchise Period: 10-year franchise license

Franchise renewable period of 5 to 10 more years (price of renewal to be negotiated )

Number of outlets: The Franchisee will have the right to open a total of 10 multiple premises in the whole country where the Master Franchise is being granted, and there will be an additional fee (To be negotiated) for each additional outlet after the initial ten stores.

Sub-franchise is available for Master Franchise holders (To be negotiated)

The one-time Master Franchise fees include the full support of the Franchisor (Please refer to Franchise Offer Circular or Franchise Agreement obligations) for the pre-opening (location selection, training staff, line implementation etc.), design, training manuals, future follow up, updates and marketing support.


Hungry Bunny™ particularly provides the franchisee with the following:

Finding locations: Consultation and advice regarding the location and suitability of the premises

Access to product formulas and Menu

Training Program and Manuals: Hiring of employees and full training

Operations Manuals, detailed training for all departments

Standard specifications and guidelines for the premises including furnishings, interior design - decor, layout and fascia signs

Consultation and advice with regard to obtaining and installing relevant equipment, meeting the Franchisor's specifications and requirements, and equipment guidance in the form of assistance in leasing or purchasing of equipment

Advice on an initial advertising campaign relating to the opening of the franchise business at the premises and such advertising material and artwork as the Franchisor considers appropriate, followed by a detailed marketing plan

Representative on set date during The Grand Opening

Periodic evaluations and ongoing support:

At Hungry Bunny™, we take pride in offering one of the most reasonable, well structured franchise programs in the region.

Our objective is to keep the investment as low as possible with maximum profitability through good alignment, pre-planning and pre-execution.

A training program is specifically designed to meet the needs of the prospective franchisees in order to manage effectively an operation.

It is a comprehensive four to six-week effort to acquaint the operator in training with the day-to-day requirements of operating a new branch, including a specific period of owner s simulation, during which you run our branch store as if it were your own.


Support is offered through the Hungry Bunny™ International team that covers management, operations, marketing, human capital and financial advice.

Our architects and engineers will assist in the layout, interior design and fixtures to complete your own Franchise branch.

The great concept of Hungry Bunny™, combined with twenty five years experience, provides opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to share the Hungry Bunny™ concept and its corporate values through the Hungry Bunny™ International franchise system.

It is our "know how" to select the best quality food and packaging that you will be receiving when you are granted a Franchise, and our experience on how to run a successful Hungry Bunny™ franchise.

Our goal and methods are specifically designed to meet the needs of Hungry Bunny™ prospective franchisees at all levels in order to effectively prepare franchisees to operate as independent profitable Hungry Bunny™ franchise.